Registrasion for Zookeepr Keeprs

Things that are the same

  • You have an inventory of products
  • Complete registrations are made up of multiple products
  • Products are split into categories
  • Products can be listed under ceilings
  • Products can be included for free by purchasing other items
  • e.g. a Professional Ticket includes a dinner ticket
  • Products can be enabled by user roles
  • e.g. Speakers Dinner tickets are visible to speakers
  • Vouchers can be used to discount products

Things that are different

  • Ceilings can be used to apply discounts, so Early Bird ticket rates can be implemented by applying a ceiling-type discount, rather than duplicating the ticket type.
  • Vouchers can be used to enable products
  • e.g. Sponsor tickets do not appear until you supply a sponsor’s voucher
  • Items may be enabled by having other specific items present
  • e.g. Extra accommodation nights do not appear until you purchase the main week worth of accommodation.